ISSN 2232-9080

Issue: No. 15, June 2018, Vol. 8
Type: Review paper

Abstract: According to Water Act in Federation of B&H, Water Management Strategy in Federation of B&H and EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), it is necessary to prepare and adopt Water Management Plan for Adriatic River Basin District in Federation of B&H (river basins of Neretva with Trebišnjica, Cetina and Krka in Federation of B&H). The aim is achieving of the required good ecological status and/or good ecological potential for all water bodies and prevention of further deterioration as well as protection and improvement of the status of aquatic ecosystems. Main activities during the preparation and adoption of SEA for this Plan are also presented.

Keywords: EU WFD, Water Act in FB&H, Water management strategy in FB&H, water bodies, good status/potential of water bodies, SEA

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