ISSN 2232-9080

Issue: No. 16, December 2018, Vol. 8
Type: Scientific paper

Abstract: The most commonly used force based seismic design in the engineering practice has major drawbacks, the practicians are usually not aware of. Thus, the structures have an unknown and unreliable safety coefficient in terms of both human lives and properties. In this paper the application of the performance based seismic engineering to the LFTWs has been presented. The parameter needed for the estimation of the damage index as well as the performance limits for different performance objectives have been proposedfor life safety limit state, characterized by the probability of exceedence of 10% in 50 years and return period RP 475 years.

Keywords: Light Frame Timber Walls, LFTWs, OSB and GB sheathing panels, performance based seismic engineering, damage index, Stewart hysteresis, MCASHEW

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