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Abstract: The paper first presents a general overview of the problem of dam construction - the formation of reservoirs in karst terrains, followed by the overview of the karst terrains specificities, specificities of engineering geological problems, and the relevant influence factors of the karst process and its forms on dam construction in karst. The construction of dams in karst terrains is a special problem that requires additional conditions in relation to the conditions in other terrains, which is why special care is needed during engineering geological research, as well as construction and operation. There are numerous, complex, diverse and specific engineering geological problems in karst terrains, almost always somewhat different, at each new location, which must be taken into account when constructing dams. Typical examples of the engineering geological risk of constructing dams in karst terrains, from foreign and domestic practices, are presented at the end of this paper, including both, remediation works that have given positive solutions, and cases where extensive and long-term remediation works with high financial resources have not given satisfactory results. Special attention is given to the risk of water seepage from the accumulation.

Keywords: engineering geological and geotechnical problems, dam construction, karst terrains

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