ISSN 2232-9080

Issue: No. 17, June 2019, Vol. 9
Type: Professional paper

Abstract: Cuts and side cuts, along with embankments, are very common during construction of all types of roads, and consequently also in the realization of access roads and plateaus of wind farms. Side cuts are made when the grade level of a plateau or route is below the ground in a slope. Realization, categorization and stabilization of side cuts in karstified rock masses entail a number of challenges that are mainly related to karstification processes. The specificities of the classification and kinematic stability analysis of karstified rock masses in side cuts are presented on the example of two plateaus of WF Podveležje using geomechanical classification (RMR), geological strength index (GSI) and stereographic projection.

Keywords: side cut, karst, rock, classification

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