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Issue: No. 18, December 2019, Vol. 9
Type: Professional paper

Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the research conducted as part of development of the graduation thesis entitled: "Hydraulic analysis of part of the Šuica River watercourse", which was completed and successfully defended at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Mostar, in 2019. The paper presents results of the hydraulic analysis of the part of the Šuica River watercourse in the section from the confluence of the Drina River with the Šuica River to the planned upper balancing reservoir. The observed section is located in the low-lying part of Duvanjsko Polje, in which the Šuica River forms shallow meanders in clayey deposits. The software that is used and on the basis of which the results are obtained is HEC-RAS. For the purpose of integration with the natural state of the watercourse, it is planned to preserve the appearance of the Šuica riverbed to the maximum extent possible, so that a minimum river training work was carried out in most of the section. The analysis was conducted observing the economic and environmental aspects, boundary conditions given by the physical plans, infrastructure plans, the planned operation regime and hydrological conditions.

Keywords: hydraulic analysis, HEC-RAS, Šuica, PSPP Vrilo, watercourse training

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