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Issue: No. 18, December 2019, Vol. 9
Type: Professional paper

Abstract: Construction pit is a space where a foundation is constructed. This space must meet the requirements such as safety at work and accessibility for workers and heavy equipment. A construction pit design depends on the type of structure, characteristics of soil and presence of groundwater. In cases of high risks and many unfavourable conditions, a protective structure is built to ensure stability of construction pit walls, and to prevent deformation or possible collapse. The design of a protective structure usually depends on the composition and characteristics of soil, excavation depth, groundwater level or geometry. This paper presents an example of a construction pit protection project where foundation and construction of a residential and business building will be performed. A geotechnical soil model with three geotechnical enviroments, a model and calculation of the construction pit are defined, which are controlled in geotechnical software.

Keywords: construction pit, foundation, protective structure

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