ISSN 2232-9080

Issue: No. 18, December 2019, Vol. 9
Type: Preliminary communication

Abstract: Textile Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Composite (TRCMC) are considered one of the techniques for strengthening and repairing of civil engineering structures. The use of these composites was developed due to their high mechanical properties in terms of tensile strength. As a result, the mechanical behaviour of TRCMC has been the subject of several experimental and numerical studies and investigations to establish the parameters governing its behaviour. However, these studies are conducted using measurement techniques that evaluate the strain and stress state on the surface of the TRCMCs. Behaviour and internal interactions are deduced using continuum and failure mechanics approaches.
This work consists of integrating an optical fibre into the composite in order to measure the internal strain of the matrix and the textile. The results obtained are compared to the law of mixtures, which remains at this moment a hypothesis that has not been experimentally validated.

Keywords: cementitious matrix composite, internal mechanical behaviour, optical fibre sensor, law of mixtures, internal strain, fibre-matrix interaction

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