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Abstract: This paper shows how cross-border cooperation projects can play a significant role in the development of the local community and be an extremely important factor in launching new initiatives in the local community, if they are prepared taking into account certain critical factors. The case study of the "Adriatic Canyoning" project shows the key factors that enable a project to become a generator of development in the local community. Even in the case where the project has a tourist character, it can be a driver of infrastructural or urban development. The crucial role for a project to acquire such a character is the context of project preparation, the relationship between project objectives and planned activities, as well as the context of the project within the strategic development goals of a specific community. Also, the cross-border character of the project gives an additional dimension, not only in the transfer of knowledge and experience from cross-border regions, but also gives weight to a broader perspective that a particular local need gains through cross-border cooperation.

Keywords: Cross-border cooperation, projects, generator of development, local and regional development

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