ISSN 2232-9080


Abstract: This paper is a continuation of the research on reinforcement of masonry walls using a combination of metal frames and mechanical dampers. This paper analyzes a single metal frame with and without reinforcement with mechanical dampers in order to have a clearer insight into the behavior of individual reinforcement components. It presents an overview of the basic characteristics of mechanical dampers, their configuration and combinations with metal frame, and special emphasis is placed on their earthquake behavior. The results of the numerical analysis for a single metal frame were obtained using two modern software packages, ABAQUS and SAP2000. After the results of the individual metal frame were obtained, the metal frame was strengthened by applying mechanical dampers and analyzed.

Keywords: metal frame, earthquake, seismic action, strengthening of metal frames, mechanical dampers, passive dampers, energy dissipation devices, seismic isolation, numerical analysis of metal frames, pushover analysis, dynamic analysis, cyclic loading of metal frames

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