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Abstract: This paper presents the results of statistical analysis of collected data on the characteristics of envelope elements, as one of the key factors influencing energy consumption and costs, of school buildings (primary and secondary schools) located in the south region of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SR FBiH). The shares of the areas of walls, floors, ceilings and openings in the total area of the envelope, as well as thermal characteristics expressed through the heat transfer coefficient or U-value, were analyzed. This research was conducted by collecting data from detailed energy audit documents on a sample of 47 school buildings located in SR FBiH, which has a Mediterranean or sub-Mediterranean climate. The average envelope U-value is 1.88 W/m2K, and the results of this study indicate very poor thermal characteristics of the existing condition of individual elements of the envelope, expressed by U-values, which are several times higher than the allowable values.

Keywords: school buildings, envelope characteristics, U-value, construction period, statistical analysis

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