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Abstract: In the first part of this paper the occurrence of dolomite in B&H karst, as well as active and potential dolomite deposits for dimension stone with different trade names ("Rujan" , "San", "Gradac") are presented, with the available results of their testing. The final section of the paper gives a brief historical overview of the applications of dolomite as dimension stone in Herzegovina, which is attested by many tombstones, but also some religious and residential buildings. However, with its beauty of textures and colors and quality in workmanship, in the last several decades it has been widely used in the interior and exterior cladding of numerous buildings in Herzegovina, as well as in several regional architectural projects along the Adriatic coast, in the Republic of Croatia and Republic of Montenegro. The final section of the paper provides relevant conclusions related to the application of dolomite as dimension stone.

Keywords: dimension stone, cut stone, Herzegovina (Region), dolomite, dolomite breccia, "Rujan", "San", "Gradac", "Rhodolite", stone testing, IGH-Mostar

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