Abstract:The globalization of geospatial data and geodetic reference frames is important for the overall development of both national and global economies. In accordance with the needs for defining a general geodetic reference frame, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution "Global Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development (GGRF)" in 2015. The European Union member states have addressed the issue by adopting joint directives, recommendations and other acts to adapt national laws. Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighboring countries, non-EU member states, have enacted appropriate legislation and decisions to adapt to the globalization of spatial data and reference frames. Therefore, the Federal Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs (FGU) has undertaken certain activities in order to establish a new geodetic reference frame through changes in legislation, renewal and establishment of new reference systems and measurements. The paper will discuss the existing geodetic reference frame and the activities of the FGU on the introduction of new geodetic datums and map projections in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH).

Keywords: globalization, geospatial data, geodetic reference frames, geodetic datum of FBiH

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