Abstract: The paper presents one possibility of applying Object Oriented Modeling in the function of sustainable management of the wastewater drainage system. The applied technique (tool) for the implementation of systematic analysis, modeling, simulation and analysis of the obtained results is object-oriented modeling (OOM) and software package STELLA, which is adapted to complex and dynamic systems, such as wastewater drainage and treatment. The paper uses an already developed and applied model consisting of physical components of the system, the model of water quantity and water quality of the drainage system, and then also upgraded with part of the socio-economic system - the system of operating and maintenance costs. This methodological approach to modeling (using models) and imitating the real system (simulation), and analysis of the obtained results of the simulation flow, using OOM, proved to be a useful and effective tool for managing and analyzing sustainable management of urban drainage systems. A model and methodology is proposed for the analysis and wider application of complex urban water systems.

Keywords: drainage, wastewater treatment, object oriented modeling, sustainable development

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