Abstract: This paper presents the results of research on energy performance related to the energy consumption for space heating of school buildings (primary and secondary schools) located in the south region of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SR FBiH). The research was conducted by collecting data from detailed energy audit documents on a sample of 47 school buildings in the SR FBiH and is part of a broader study aimed at analyzing the energy performance of school buildings in the FBiH and determining their relationship to heating energy costs through the development of new models for faster estimation of heating energy costs. The results of the research indicate poor energy performance of existing school buildings in the SR FBiH. The analysis of the delivered energy for space heating showed that the actual consumption is 67% of the predicted and indicates an energy gap between the actual and predicted values of energy consumption for heating. Reduction of energy consumption for space heating can be achieved by applying measures to improve energy efficiency.

Keywords: energy performance of school buildings, energy consumption for heating, detailed energy audits, energy gap

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