Abstract: Developments in sensor technology called Synthetic Antenna Radar (SAR) and associated data processing software have helped satellite radar interferometry (InSAR), a method that uses multiple SAR images of the same area collected from satellites, to become a widely used method for estimating soil deformation as well as other geophysical processes, because it provides millimeter precision with great spatial coverage. The paper deals with 24 Sentinel-1A images for the area of western Herzegovina, taken during 2020, and determined the average speeds of vertical displacements using the SNAP program (Sentinel Application Platform). Vertical displacements of ± 10 millimeters were recorded, while the mean annual displacement velocities were 8 millimeters in the vertical direction, without taking into account the correction for the influence of horizontal displacements. The first results in the study area indicate a trend of ground movement, but due to several types of atmospheric corrections, geomorphological characteristics of the study area and lack of in-situ measurements for comparison, external evaluation of the reliability of deformations will have to be assessed in future studies.

Keywords: satellite interferometry, Sentinel-1, deformations, vertical displacement

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