Abstract: The paper aims to determine the organizational structure and organizational culture of a successful construction company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, the paper provides an insight into their interdependence and impact on the overall business operations of the company. The questionnaire examined the main dimensions of organizational structure: formalization, centralization, standardization and specialization. Cameron and Quinn’s Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument was used to examine the organizational culture at the company, while the analysis of the company’s business efficiency was informed by Kaplan and Norton’s Key Performance Indicators: financial, internal business processes, customer, and learning and growth perspectives. After the reliability of the measuring scales used were confirmed by calculating the Cronbach alpha coefficient, the Relative Importance Index determined which dimensions of the organizational structure and culture, and which efficiency indicators have the greatest influence on the design of the company's business system. According to the subjective opinion of the employees who participated in this research, the company can be characterized as hierarchical, highly formalized and structured, and customer-oriented.

Keywords: organizational structure, organizational culture, OCAI, KPI, RII

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