Abstract: The variability of river flow depends on environmental changes that are due to either natural or human causes. Measuring river flow is an essential activity in the domain of hydrology that gives valuable information on river conditions. An appropriate understanding of the conditions of the water courses and a good anticipation of all possible situations and problems that may arise are essential. The average daily river flow time series will be analyzed on the case study of river Gornja Dobra in Croatia. Rescaled Adjusted Partial Sums (RAPS) analysis with correlation analysis will be applied to the time series provided by two available limnigraph measurement stations, Turkovići and Luke. The examples will give insight into the ability to forecast river flows in the analyzed case study and other regions in Croatia and the world. The presented methodology could be used for flood protection, determining the hydro-energy potential of the rivers, irrigation, and many other purposes.

Keywords: River flow, RAPS, hydrological time series, measurement station, forecast

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