Abstract: In the paper, an analysis of the time aspect of the baseline plan for the execution of reinforced concrete works was carried out on a case study. The case study covers the construction of a public school in the Republic of Croatia, which was completed in 2023. By analyzing the baseline plan, it was determined that it has shortcomings and that the duration of the activities does not correlate with those actually achieved. Compared to the initial 86 working days, the baseline plan actually lasted 272 working days, which is an overrun of 216.28%. The leading causes of overruns in individual activities were identified, and lack of communication between project participants proved to be one of the particularly frequent ones. Recommendations were given for better time planning and for reducing deviations from planned durations, which can improve the processes of time management and project management in general.

Keywords: school, reinforced concrete works, baseline plan, exceeding the deadline, recommendations

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