ISSN 2232-9080

Issue: No. 15, June 2018, Vol. 8
Type: Preliminary communication

Abstract: Monitoring the progress of earthmoving operations while accurately estimating productivity of construction equipment provides a detailed insight into the performance, early detection of low productivity, as well as any other possible defects. It also provides feedback on the correctness of the decisions made and a more accurate report of the time and cost necessary for the activity. Early detection and warning of all the risky, unfavorable actions provides opportunities to timely take appropriate corrective measures and make improvements. Wireless technologies offer considerable potential for application in order to monitor work progress and evaluate productivity. However, the previous studies indicate shortcomings and limitations. Future research attention on their considerable potential is needed. The integration of various wireless technologies is a possible solution to the problem and complexity of monitoring work progress and productivity estimates. In this matter, vision-based technologies are an indispensable field of wireless technologies for the development of an appropriate, reliable, credible, fast and cost-effective methodology of monitoring the progress of earthmoving works with accurate estimation of the productivity of construction machines.

Keywords: vision-based technologies, progress, productivity, earthmoving

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