Abstract:The Vranduk II tunnel is located on the main road route of the City of Zenica, on the main road M-17, section Topčić Polje - Lašva 0 with a total length of 1,062 m. A service tube at an axial distance of 25 meters and cross passages from the service tube to the main tunnel tube (three cross passages) were excavated in parallel with the main tunnel tube. The total length of the evacuation tunnel is 856.70 m.

Excavation works were carried out by a combination of blasting and machine excavation. The excavation was performed mainly in sedimentary rocks with the use of wedge and parallel cut. The effect of blasting with the application of wedge cut is much more suitable and appropriate for excavation in a stratified rock mass than blasting with parallel cut.

Keywords: excavation, blasting, sedimentary rock, cut

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