Abstract: This paper presents the theoretical basis of dimensioning and an example of the calculation of a retaining wall. The first part provides an insight into the loads acting on retaining structures and the basic design principles according to Eurocode, common to all types of retaining walls. In the practical part of the paper, on the example of a reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall with a height of 4 m, the calculation procedure for static and seismic actions is presented, using the European standards for geotechnical design, EN 1997-1 and the design of structures for earthquake resistance, EN 1998-5. For the other heights of the retaining walls defined by the task, due to the extensiveness and limited space of the paper, only the calculation results within the analysis of the results are presented. The conclusion of the analysis of the conducted calculation is given at the end of the paper.

Keywords: Eurocode, retaining structure, reinforced concrete retaining wall, earth pressure, seismic earth pressure

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