Abstract: The Mosinger Villa in Zagreb (1930 - 1931, Pantovčak 112) was Vladimir Šterk’s first villa built with undecorated facades. This confirms Šterk’s commitment to modernism. Until the Second World War the villa was owned by Jewish families Mosinger and Mayer. After the founding of the Independent State of Croatia the villa was requisitioned and after the communist rule had been established it was divided into three apartments. A garage was added to the villa in 1966, and a second floor in 1982. The renovation and reconstruction project of the derelict villa, commissioned by its new owner, was commenced in 2019. The geotechnical and structural engineering surveys determined that the villa needed to be demolished. The conservation and restoration survey determined the original, first and oldest layer from 1930 - 1931 as the basis for reconstruction and presentation. The method of partial facsimile restoration was chosen, while the second floor will be designed in a contemporary manner. The external dimensions were retained in the existing condition in accordance with the set preservation measures for the Historical Ensemble of the City of Zagreb which the villa is part of.

Keywords: renovation; reconstruction; Mosinger Villa; Vladimir Šterk; modern architecture in Croatia in the 1930s

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