Abstract: Megalithic architecture is related to a series of ancient stone monuments of giant dimensions, which were constructed using almost untreated individual stones or stones grouped into certain structures, which was the subject of the previous paper of these authors, but also to numerous buildings of more recent cultures and civilizations, the so-called "more developed architecture", which are built entirely or partly from large stone blocks, most often of regular geometric shape, such as, for example, pyramids around the world, especially the stone ones, described in this paper.
Pyramids represent perhaps the most significant buildings of human civilization in which the ancient builders incorporated complex knowledge not only in construction and architecture. The techniques used to build them were developed over centuries, which is best seen with the Egyptian pyramids... Although we often like to draw comparisons between the Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids of Central America (and other pyramids in the world), with which we try to look for their "lost" connection, the pyramids are still very different in their age, shape, size, geographical distribution and function, even in the material from which they were built.

Keywords: Megalith, megalithic, architecture/building, pyramids, tombs, temples

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